When loading ships, vapours harmful to the environment are released. These will have to be safely recovered. In general, this occurs with a loose hose on the quayside. There are many disadvantages attached to this method: the (dis)connecting of the hose is a complex procedure and the hose is obstructing the working area.

    To avoid these impediments, WLT developed the vapour return hose reel. The electrically driven reel provides a controlled unfurling and rolling up of the vapour return hose. The unit is placed on the jetty and can be connected to the vapour recovery installation. The advantages with regards to functionality, environment, safety and durability are obvious.

    The vapour return reel is available in several versions and materials:

    type TH marine for vapour return during marine loading
    diameter DN80 (3″) up to DN200 (8″)
    hose rubber, composite, PTFE lined
    options double-barrel detection
    hose guide
    break away coupler
    outlet coupling