Swivel Joints

    Swivel joints are used to make rigid pipe constructions for the transport of liquids and gasses flexible. The spring-energised seals in the WLT swivel joints provide the perfect sealing in any concrete operating conditions (high pressure, high temperature). The product seals can be changed without removing the bearings due to the three-part design of the WLT swivel joint. The leak detection denotes the condition of the sealing.

    Optimal Swivel Joint

    Besides loose swivel joints, WLT also supplies swivel combinations, consisting of one or more swivel joints with elbows and flanges.

    The swivel joints are available in several versions and materials.

    type 30-2000 – standard version
    30-3000 – high pressure and/or high temperature
    30-3620 – PFA lined
    30-0470 – low fit
    diameter DN25 (1″) up to DN300 (12″) (depending on the type)
    material carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PTFE lined
    product seal PTFE / Viton / EPDM
    bearing double ball-track with permanent lubrication
    options complete jacketing
    piggable version
    flange connections / elbows

    The WLT swivel joints are suitable for any type of liquids and they are long-lasting due to the use of high-quality materials.