Loading Platform

    The standard WLT loading platform provides straightforward and safe access to the top of the tankers and rail cars. The platform is mounted on a single foundation column and supplied with an access stair. Folding stairs can be added to both sides of the platform and two loading arms can also be mounted. An overall roof can be supplied as a supplement.

    Optimal Loading Platform

    The WLT loading platform standard option specifications are as follows:

    dimensions 1.600 x 1.600 mm (l x b)
    heights up to 4.400 mm
    material carbon steel, galvanised or coated
    options roof
    intermediate landing
    all other dimensions

    WLT also designs loading platforms according to customer’s specifications. Normally with a combined design of the loading equipment, fall protection equipment and loading platform. This ensures an, as safe and ergonomically as possible, working situation, complying to all modern standards and directives.