Folding Stair

    Folding stairs provide straightforward and safe access to the top of the tankers and rail cars. To create a safe working area, the folding stair can be fitted with a safety cage. Folding stairs with a larger stepwidth not only increase the access to the working area, but they are also suitable for carrying and positioning of the loading arms or other equipment.

    Optimal folding stairs

    The WLT folding stairs differentiate themselves through their robust construction and the built-in safety measures, such as antiskid and anti jam provisions. All folding stairs received a TÜV- approval.

    The WLT folding stairs are available in many versions and materials.

    stepwidth 800 to 3.500 mm
    number of steps 2 to 6
    material carbon steel (galvanised or coated), stainless steel
    control manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, hydro-pneumatic
    options parking detection
    chain locking device
    safety cage form 1.400 mm to 12.000 mm length
    track mounted

    If technically feasible, all kinds of variants with e.g. larger stepwidths, higher number of steps or separate safety cages can be designed upon customers demand.