A floating skimmer is a pipe construction with swivel joints and two floaters. Floating skimmers are used to skim polluted liquids floating on the product.

    The floaters see to it that the skimmer inlet is positioned right below the surface of the polluted liquid, until the surface is completely skimmed.

    The floating skimmers are available in several versions and materials.

    type 001 – single pipe
    002 – double pipe
    diameter DN50 (2″) up to DN300 (12″)
    material carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium

    Each WLT floating skimmer is adapted to the specific application and the customer’s individual requirements.

    By using WLT swivel joints and high-quality materials, the floating skimmers are suitable for any type of liquid, they are long-lasting. The WLT floating skimmers are particularly straightforward to mount on account of the flanged design.