full reach loading arms and fall protection equipment

to one of our customers, in the north of Holland, WLT recently completed a project which involved 3 tank truck loading stations. To be as flexible as possible, the top loading arms are able to reach the complete length of the tank truck.

To ensure the safety of the operators on top of the tank trucks, we supplied for each loading station a vertical moving safety cage with folding stair, which covers the complete length of the tank truck.

Due to the fact that the safety cage can be adapted in vertical direction and can follow the slope of the tank trucks, gaps between tanker and safety cage can be minimised as much as possible.

The length of the safety cage can be adjusted to the size of the tank truck by means of 2 pneumatically operated length barriers. These length barriers will return automatically to their home position when the safety cage with folding stair is retracted again.


fall protection equipment for inspection of tank trucks
FAT test fall protection equipment
hose tower in existing steel structure
Wormer (NL)
long reach top loading arm &
vertical safety cage
loading of tank trucks