fall protection equipment for inspection of tank trucks

to one of our customers, near Marseille, WLT recently supplied a platform with double-sided fall protection equipment. The customer was looking for a safe and reliable way to inspect tank trucks before or after loading. WLT undertook an engineering study to design fall protection equipment meeting all of the customer’s demands .

design criteria was:
- the fall protection has to cover the complete length of the truck, because the customer is loading multiple manhole tank trucks.
- tanktainers have to be inspected, this means that the length of the fall protection will have to vary between 6 and 11 meters.
- most of the tank trucks are equipped with only one walkway on the top. The fall protection must have its own independent walkway since the trucks will be entered from both right and left side. Additionally the position of the truck’s walkway is variable.

The result is a fully custom made inspection platform, complete with folding stair on both sides of the platform. The folding stairs have a safety cage of 11 meters in length. The length of the safety cage can be adjusted to the size of the tank truck by means of 2 pneumatically operated length barriers. These length barriers will go automatically lock in their home position when the folding stair is retracted again. Inside of the safety cage, a walkway along the length of the cage has been installed. Thanks to this walkway, the operator is fully independent and free from using the walking facilities on the truck and is still able to reach all the manholes without any obstacles.

The danger of damaging the fall protection equipment by inattentive truck drivers is always present. Normal safeguards such as traffic lights have proven not to be reliable. For that reason, WLT developed movable stop signs during the fabrication process. When the folding stair is out of its parking position, the stop sign will lower automatically and will stay just in front of the truck until the stairs are retracted again. With this additional safeguard, the risk of driving away when the fall protection equipment is not in its parking position is strongly minimized.

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