WLT liquid & gas loading technology B.V. is a leading producer of equipment for the transfer of (hazardous) liquids and gasses to and from ship, tanker, rail car and other storage means. In addition, WLT developed a complete range of fall protection equipment, to work safely on top of a tanker or rail car.

    full service
    WLT is a comprehensive service company. The product/services package covers from advice, development, design and manufacture to installation, administration and maintenance. The main activities are clustered in the company sections:

    • engineering & production
    • services


    WLT distinguishes itself through its solution and customer-oriented approach. Beside accuracy and dependability, customising, durability and innovation are our priorities

    WLT operates on a global scale. The WLT products find their way to renowned producers of (petro) chemical liquids and gasses, at home and abroad. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry and food industry are an important outlet market too. WLT acquired a leading position throughout the Netherlands and neighbouring countries.

    WLT’s head office and manufacturing unit are located in Bergambacht, in a strategic position with regards to the Rotterdam harbours, where numerous customers are located. WLT employs an extended network of agents and distributors for an optimal support of foreign customers.

    WLT benefits from a resourceful organisation with brief, direct decision lines. Our highly educated team of engineers and professional fitters, welders and mechanics guarantees a permanent line of first-rate, outstanding products.